Fortnite: Rift Tour challenges, all challenges and quests

Find all the challenges of the Fortnite Rift Tour special event, including allowing you to collect exclusive rewards. The players of Fortnite are used to it, Epic Games likes to offer them special challenges to mark certain events. To celebrate a musical summer, many concerts will be organized in a few days. However, a series of challenges (Rift Tour) is also available, allowing the community to grab a few skins.

Rift Tour Challenges in Fortnite

These challenges can perhaps give you a hard time, we offer, in addition to the entire list of challenges, some tips, so that you do not waste time in achieving them.

Note that if you cannot complete one of the challenges, you just have to click on it to be redirected to a more complete guide.
  • Interact with Rift Tour posters (1)
  • Use an Alien Holographic Slab on top of the Festive UFO(1)
  • Save the date in the Rift Tour tab and play a game (2)
  • Attend the Rift Tour (1)
The rewards for completing the challenges are as follows:
  • Master Rift Spray
  • Cloud Kitty Emote
  • Cosmic Hugs Loading Screen
  • Rift Tour Umbrella

Epic Games seems to have other challenges in store for us in the days to come. If so, the article will be updated.

Already available, you have until Monday August 9 to overcome these Rift Tower quests, after which they will no longer be displayed in-game.
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