Fortnite Season 2: How to unlock gold skins?

One of the themes of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is gold. It is therefore logical that gold versions of certain skins can be unlocked. As we saw in the countless teasers shared ahead of the release of Chapter 2 Season 2 of Fortnite, but also in the trailers, gold is one of the themes of this new season. It is therefore logical that skins, very important elements of Epic Games' battle royale, will be golden. However, these are not just any skins.

Gold Skins, how to unlock them?

Indeed, as we told you above, these are not simple skins en or which can be obtained, as it is a variant of Agent outfits. For those who don't know, Agents are characters introduced through the Season 2 launch trailer, which can be claimed through the Battle Pass, like their online variant. or. When you checkout, if you haven't already, you will automatically get the normal version of Mister Banana.

You will therefore have understood it, it will be necessary to have purchased the Battle Pass to get your hands on these golden skins. If this is your case, know that to unlock them, you just have to play to recover experience and thus gain levels.

Gold skins in Fortnite

  • Level 100 → Midas Gold Skin 
  • Level 140 → Brutus Gold Skin 
  • Level 180 → Meowscle Gold Skin 
  • Level 220 → Tintina Gold Skin 
  • Level 260 → Skye Gold Skin 
  • Level 300 → Mister Banana Gold Skin
As you can see, once you reach level 100 you will unlock a skin en or every forty levels. To gain experience, allowing you to increase your level, you simply have to play and validate the challenges that Epic Games offers each week. You can find all the challenges of season 2 of chapter 2 by going here.
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