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You will find in this article all the challenges proposed by Epic Games for Season 4 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite. The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is available since August 27, and brings some changes. However, one of the things that does not change is indeed the Battle Pass, allowing players who purchase it in exchange for 950 V-bucks to obtain many exclusive rewards. To get your hands on the latter, it is imperative to pass the challenges offered by Epic Games, in order to gain experience and therefore gain levels.

Every week new challenges weekly are offered to players. Sometimes easy, sometimes more complicated, we bring you a little help for the challenges the most difficult ones in our guides, which are of course available below, in order to pass them easily and quickly. In addition, Epic Games likes to surprise its community. Therefore, from time to time, challenges additional ones are available, sometimes referencing characters from popular culture. These can also be found below. Finally, know that the secret challenges are also indicated, so that you do not miss anything.

Unlike the previous season, a cleared challenge will only net you 25 XP, while the latest skin variants will rust out at level 000 of the Battle Pass.

Note that you will find the detailed challenges by clicking on the link for each challenge.

All Season 4 Chapter 2 Fortnite Challenges

Weekly challenges

  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 4
  • Week 5
  • Week 6
  • Week 7
  • Week 8
  • Week 9
  • Week 10
  • Week 11
  • Week 12
  • Week 13
  • Week 14

Wolverine Challenges

  • Investigate the mysterious claw marks (3).
  • Find the loading screen image at a Quinjet patrol site.
  • Find Wolverine's Trophy in Dirty Docks.
  • Find a Stark Transport Truck.
  • Defeat Wolverine.

Awakening Challenges (Marvel)

  • The ultimate guide for all superheroes.

Hidden Challenges 

  • The event of the year.
  • Dwarf is wearing what.
  • Defuse bombs and traps.
  • Clean the tanks and escape.
  • Fatal error.

Birthday Challenges

  • Dancing in front of cakes.
  • Get HP or shield in front of cakes.

Nightmare Challenge 

  • Walk 100m on a witch's broomstick.
  • Eat some candies.
  • Eliminate Midas from the shadows.
  • Visit several witch huts.
  • Detect players while being a shadow.
  • Inflict damage with a possessed vehicle.
To collect even more XP, you can search for XP Coins hidden all over the map.
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