Fortnite: The Deadpool skin and its variants available

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After several weeks of challenges, the superhero Deadpool skin is finally available in Fortnite. As expected, the skin Deadpool is available in Fortnite since April 3. We explain how to recover it, since it is imperative to follow certain steps.

How to get the Deadpool skin in Fortnite?

To do so, several steps must be taken before you can finally get your hands on this long-awaited skin, and the first is none other than the purchase of the Battle Pass. Indeed, without it, it is impossible to recover the skin of the Marvel superhero.

Then, you must have completed all of the challenges of our dear Dead Pool since the launch of Season 2 in mid-February. Every Friday two new challenges became available, being more or less easy. It is thus necessary to have validated the fourteen challenges to recover the outfit Dead Pool. You can check directly in game, via the benchmark of Dead Pool, accessible through the Battle Pass, which challenges you have not validated in order to recover the skin.

However, if you need help to validate one of the challenges, we recommend that you use our guides, gathered at this address.

Two variants are available, which permanent, in particular, to put on the Deadpool costume without his mask. To unlock it, you must have completed challenges 15, 16, 17 and 18 grouped at this address.

Challenges not available?

Epic Games has announced that many players are missing the Week 7 challenges, so the developers are working to fix this as soon as possible, but those who can't get them can't pick up the challenge. skin. It will take a little patience before you can validate the last two challenges.
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