Get Stone at Rapids Rest, Week 7 Challenges

Find the tips to easily and quickly complete the challenge "Get stone at rest from the rapids" which is part of week 7 of the Fortnite season 3 challenges. Season 3 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite in full swing since Wednesday, June 17, and Epic Games naturally continues to offer its famous challenges, allowing among other things to recover experience for the Battle Pass. For this seventh week, the challenges will take us, once again, to visit the map and the new features put in place by the developers, and in particular the challenge asking toget stone at rapids rest.

Where is Rapids Rest in Fortnite?

Le rapids rest is a place that has already been featured in past challenges in previous seasons, and is sure to remind you of something, if not already, when you go there. This is a makeshift camp located east of Lazy Lake, where several kayaks are set up on either side of the river. Once there (you can use our map above) you just have to hit the many stones that are there with your collecting tool.

A total of 300 stone units are required to complete the challenge, which won't be very complicated given that there are many stones scattered around the area. 

Note that you can validate the challenge in Team Rumble.
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