Rekindling Campfires at Cod Camp, Week 9 Challenges

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Find the tips and solutions to easily and quickly validate the challenge "Reviving campfires at the cod camp" part of week 9 of the challenges of season 3 of Fortnite. Season 3 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite in full swing since Wednesday, June 17, and Epic Games naturally continues to offer its famous challenges, allowing among other things to recover experience for the Battle Pass. For this ninth week, the challenges will take us, once again, to visit the map and the new features put in place by the developers, and in particular the challenge asking to rekindling campfires at cod camp.

Where is the cod camp?

Le cod camp is one of the notable places of Fortnite. Already present in previous seasons, it has made a comeback with the rising waters that have taken place in recent weeks. So head south on the map to the southeasternmost large island, just below Catty Corner. On site, you will find many campfire.

Rekindle a campfire

You will need to stock up on a small supply of wood, as it will cost you 30 units of wood to light the campfire, and 30 more to revive it. You understood the other, you will have to turn it on for the first time, then wait a few seconds to revive it and therefore validate the challenge and thus leave with the 35 XP. Don't let the fire go out though, in which case you'll have to use 000 wood. You can find the location of the cod camp, which also indicates a campfire.

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