Travel 100m on a witches broomstick, Nightmare challenge

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Epic Games offers new challenges with the nightmare event (Fortnitemares), including one asking you to travel 100m on a witch's broom. As you will have noticed following the release of update 14.40 of Fortnite, new challenges have appeared with the Fortnitemares event, Frenchified in Fortnite: Nightmares. Although not difficult, since they are essentially new things, you may not know exactly what to do to validate them. Do not panic, we explain everything to you. Here, we will explain how to validate the challenge asking you to travel 100m on a witch's broomstick.

Where to find witch brooms in Fortnite?

Like fishing rods, we find broom almost everywhere on the map. It is therefore quite easy to complete the challenge. However, if you want to maximize your chances of finding them, we recommend two places that normally contain them in each game:
  • The Witch's Shack northwest of Salty Springs
  • The Witch's Hut to the north, slightly west, of Lazy Lake.
You can use the map to locate the two places, but also to discover all broom slots.

When you have found a brush, you're going to have to use it for 100 yards. Its use is similar to the Silver Surfer's board. Don't hesitate to gain height before you embark on the broom, to complete these 100 meters quickly, since after using it, you will have to wait a few seconds before you can get back on it and take off.
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