Fortnite: All Air Royale Event Challenges and Rewards

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After having had the Buccaneer's Loot challenges, the developers have just kicked off a new event called Air Royale which will allow players to collect free coatings and XP, once the nine challenges have been completed. Announced alongside Update 8.40, the Air Royale event allows players to obtain many XP points, but also various coatings through a series of challenges. Indeed, for the next four days, three challenges will be revealed each day and once validated, players will receive their reward for free. However, they will have the opportunity to complete the challenges until Wednesday, April 24.

鈥淔ly an X-4 Stormwing and fight to be the last plane in the air in this limited-time mode! Complete free challenges to unlock all-new skins and become the undisputed ruler of the skies. 禄

Like the challenges offered every Thursday, some of them will be simple to complete while others will require a little more concentration. In order to help you validate them as quickly as possible, we offer some tips. Note thatonce the 9 challenges have been completed, you will obtain a Hornet Indicative coating as a reward.

Air Royale Event Challenges

Day 1 

Damage enemy Weatherlights with a submachine gun or minigun. 
In this first challenge, players will therefore have to inflict 4000 points of damage to opposing planes, but only using a submachine gun or a minigun to obtain the promised 500 XP. 

Collect Sky Chests of different rarities as a pilot
In this temporary Air Royale mode, chests with five rarity levels will fall from the sky, so you will have to collect 5 different ones to validate the challenge and thus obtain 500 XP. As a reminder, when you want to pick up a Sky Chest, you have to fly through it. 

Play games of Air Royale
Of course, by completing the two previous challenges, you will start a game of Air Royale. This is what this challenge requires, where you will have to launch 7 games in order to recover a coating called Indicative Skull.

Day 2 

Damage enemy Weatherlights with a pistol
In addition to having to damage enemy planes with a submachine gun or a minigun, players will have to do the same with a pistol. It will thus be necessary to inflict 2000 points of damage in order to obtain the promised 500 XP.

Destroy enemy Stormlights
This challenge is a continuation of the previous one. Players will need to destroy 5 Aquilons in order to get the 500 XP points.

Survive opponents in Air Royale mode
By dint of launching games, you should manage to survive the 100 opponents required in this challenge to obtain the Falcon Indicative coating.

Day 3 

Damage enemy Stormwings with an Assault Rifle 
Like previous challenges of the genre, players will need to deal 5000 damage with an Assault Rifle to get 500 XP.

Deal damage with upgraded Weatherlight weapons
Using upgraded weapons, it will take 4000 damage to receive 500 XP.

Finish in the top 5 in Air Royale mode
To conclude this list of challenges, players will have to finish in the Top 3 5 times to obtain the Indicative Wolf coating.
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