Fortnite: How to easily & quickly earn Battle Stars?

The battle stars have arrived for this season 7 of chapter 2 of Fortnite. We explain how to earn it easily and quickly. With this new season of Fortnite, Epic Games has implemented many changes, particularly in relation to the Battle Pass. For example, rewards are no longer unlocked linearly, but in a more or less desired order, although you are still required to have collected some to unlock others. These rewards can join your inventory, thanks to to the stars, who made their return in another form, many months after disappearing.

Thanks to these battle stars, you will be able to unlock rewards, their price varying, ranging from three stars to 7, 8 or even 9, in some cases. A multitude of players therefore wonder how to earn those battle stars faster, in order to collect all the Battle Pass rewards fairly quickly. We give you some tips.

How to easily & quickly earn Battle Stars in Fortnite?

As you must have read when launching this new season, battle stars are obtained when you gain a season level. 5 stars per level are given to you, which can make progress rather slow, especially since you will need more XP between each level over time (more information on XP between levels here).

Thus, to quickly obtain stars in fortnite, we recommend that you focus on all the challenges to complete, in order to collect the maximum XP per day. As a result, even small daily quests, not yielding much, must be validated, so as not to stupidly lose free XP. 

However, be aware that there is a more radical method: pay. You can actually buy battle stars, allowing you to recover them without validating challenges, in exchange for a few euros. However, this method spoils the experience a bit and is not recommended.
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