Fortnite: Skin Spider-Man and its variants, how to get them?

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One of the most talked about skins of this new season of Fortnite is that of Spider-Man, the iconic Marvel superhero. If you don't know how to get it, we give you some information. This December 5, 2021, the players of Fortnite welcomed a new season and even a new chapter, which means that the novelties are very numerous. The famous Battle Pass, which is dear to them, is obviously one of these things introduced. Among the plethora of skins that they will be able to unlock in the coming weeks, we find several characters from popular culture, including Spider-Man, Marvel superheroes, and the Symbiote (dark combination of Spider-Man).

How to get Spider-Man skins?

Unfortunately, to get these skins, you have only two solutions: pay or play. The second will be very long, but if you are an avid player, you will undoubtedly reach the levels required to unlock all the elements of the collection Spider-Man.

The first outfit is unlocked from level 80, while the second, the outfit of the Symbiote, from level 90. You will then need to have enough battle stars to permanently add these cosmetics to your locker. 

Here is all skins from the Spider-Man series that it will be possible to unlock during this season 1 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite :
  • Spider-Man
    • Banner icon → 2★
    • Emoticon Thwip Thwip → 3★
    • Farsight loading screen → 3★
    • Drag Scattered Yarns → 4★
    • Back Bling Spinner's Backpack → 5★
    • Music In the red → 5★
    • 100 V-bucks →  5★
    • Emote It's... You? → 7★
    • Harlowe racing outfit (style) → 8★
    • Skin Spider Man → 9★
  • Symbiote
    • Emoticon My senses are tingling! → 3★
    • Tag a very singular being → 3★
    • Loading screen I weave my web → 3★
    • Woven Canvas covering → 4★
    • 100 V-bucks (x2) → 5★
    • Drop Canvas Glider → 6★
    • Web Hammer Gathering Tool → 7★
    • Cool Spider Emote → 7★
    • Symbiote outfit (style) → 8★

Since the season will, like the others, last several weeks, you will have time, by completing several challenges, to reach these levels and collect the number of stars necessary to transform yourself into the spider-man on the Fortnite new island. This collaboration most likely takes place with the release of the highly anticipated new film, Spider-Man No Way Home.
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