He had the fangs, shark challenge, card to fill out

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We explain how to easily and quickly complete the challenge entitled "He had the fangs". In addition to the weekly challenges released every Thursday, Epic Games occasionally offers additional challenges, some of which are even secret, with the aim of allowing players to recover experience, which is crucial to progress in the famous Pass of combat and collect all the exclusive cosmetics that the latter offers. One of the secret challenges offered by Epic Games, which is obtained via a card to be completed, is called " He had fangs 禄 and will ask you to perform several small successive actions.

How to validate the shark challenge "He had the fangs" in Fortnite?

The challenge in itself is not very complicated to achieve, provided you know how to do it. First, you will have to in the E7 zone so that the challenge is validated. If you perform the following actions in another area, the challenge, which is quite complicated, will ultimately not be validated. You will also need to bring a fishing rod, which is essential. These are located near all water points. It will therefore not be very difficult to find one. 

When you have performed this action, you will have to go in search of a shark, which are quite numerous around Misty Meadows. Once you spot one, cast your line to catch the shark, then attempt to KO the opposing player with the shark. Then you just have to kill him with a regular firearm.

In short you must:
  • Find a fishing rod.
  • Find a shark.
  • Wait for an enemy player to be in the area.
  • Cast your line so that it attaches to the shark.
  • KO the player with the shark then kill him.
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