Repair Damaged Telescopes, Warning Signs Challenge

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"Repair damaged telescopes" is part of the Warning Signs challenges, which aim to introduce Fortnite Season 7. Find our tips to save time. Following the release of update 16.50 of Fortnite, new challenges have arrived in the battle royale, gently introducing the context of season 7, which will arrive in a few days. Here, it looks like the aliens are about to arrive. One of these quests will ask you to repair damaged telescopes.

Where to repair damaged telescopes in Fortnite?

First of all, know that you will have to repair only five. However, we find no less than seven telescopes on the battle royale island, which leaves you with a bit of choice, especially depending on the trajectory of the battle bus.

Since telescopes need a clear field to be used optimally, it's no surprise that we find them in fairly high places. What's more, none is in the center of the island, they are all at the ends, which does not necessarily make them easy to access.

We find it as follows:
  • West of Sweaty Sands
  • On the island north of Stealthy Stronghold
  • The hill east of Craggy Cliffs
  • East of Farmer's Estate
  • A mountain south of Retail Row
  • South of Mount Kay
  • East of Misty Meadows
Once in front of a telescope, approach it and press the interaction key to repair it. Note that it takes 20 units of metal to be able to repair them. For more details, we show you the location of the seven telescopes on our map below. 

You only need to repair five of them to complete the challenge and walk away with 24 XP points.
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