What is orange incense in Pokémon Go?

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Pokémon Go is home to a wide assortment of useful items that players can use in their quest to become the best trainer around. One of the most useful items available, Incense, will spawn various Pokemon at the player's location for at least 30 minutes, giving trainers ample opportunity to nab a few pocket monsters for their team.

Green Incense is the most common form of Incense players will encounter, and while using it is fairly straightforward, there is another type of mysterious Incense tied to the various limited-time special events found in the game: orange incense. Here's everything you need to know about Orange Incense and what it does in Pokémon Go.

Using Orange Incense

Orange incense effects

Orange Incense is a type of Incense that can only be used during special events, such as the monthly Community Day, and will replace any Green Incense in the player's Item Bag for the duration of the event. Similar to Green Incense, Orange Incense will spawn Pokémon at the player's location for 30 minutes, but with a nifty added effect: it will only attract the unique Pokémon tied to the event that is occurring.

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This is extremely useful for catching rare Pokemon in events or building the perfect teams to complete raids and event challenges. For example, a selection of Ghost-type and Psychic-type Pokémon were available for capture during the Hoopa's Arrival event, giving players an advantage when trying to complete the event-exclusive Collection challenge.

Some events even feature region-exclusive Pokémon, such as the Kanto Celebration event held in 2021, which included Caterpie, Machop, and Krabby. For this reason, incense is an item any trainer will definitely want to stock up on before an event.

How to Get Orange Frankincense

Fortunately, Orange Incense will automatically appear in a player's item bag during events, as long as they already have Green Incense. This means that players only have to worry about collecting Green Incense before an event, which can be obtained in several ways:

  • Reward for leveling up
  • Reward for completing special research tasks
  • Available for purchase in the Item Shop for 40 Pokécoins

Incense is a pretty rare item to find outside of the Item Shop, so be sure to save it until an event to have a chance to use Orange Incense. Now that you know how to use this special type of incense to your advantage, it's time to get out there and catch them all!

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