All locations in Youtubers Life 2

If you have started playing the new Youtubers Life 2, you might find it hard to know where to go. This is especially true for Questions and Commissions, which casually list locations in their descriptions.


There are many different locations in Newtube City for your Youtuber to explore. There are variations from different places such as restaurants. But there are also unique places, like the town hall and the gym. Below is a list of all official locations in each district. Official means that although some small places like commercial kiosks on the beach, they are not on the map and will not be included.

Town hall

  • Red Lion/City Hall: Come here to do official things like get your scooter license.
  • Yellow Plate/Althea's: This is a gourmet restaurant where you can refuel.
  • Purple Shirt/Gianni's: Go here for expensive clothes that will impress others.
  • A few other places in the City Hall area: Subway Entrance (pictured above), Cinema, Theater, Galaxy Disco

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  • Green Star/PlayCon: This is the convention center where the big things happen.
  • Green weightlifter/boxing gym: come here to get in shape!
  • Purple/Kiwi Shirt: This is a hip clothing store.
  • Pink Bag/Player 1: Stock up on consoles and video games at this store.
  • Green Chip/Leet Point: Buy computer parts and upgrades here.
  • Yellow Plate/Spicy Ren: Taste adventurous dishes and refuel!
  • Red Stereo/AFK: An esports and gaming bar for gamers!
  • A few other places in the downtown area: Mysterious Place, Metro entrance (pictured above), Arc De Triomphe

Port (The Harbour District)

  • Green Connected Dots/TAG Agency: This is where your agent/manager works.
  • Yellow Plate/The Kraken: Eat delicious seafood here!
  • Pink Bag/Slater Surf: A casual, beach-themed clothing store.
  • Pink Bag/The Fisherman: This is a fishing tackle shop at the bottom of the marina, at the bottom of the map.
  • Yellow Plater/Calypso Beach Bar: Enjoy snacks and drinks right on the beach!
  • Purple Shirt/Lafeyette Style: Get your makeover here!
  • Some other places in the port area: entrance to the metro (photo above), shopping kiosks at the promenade, platform 54, Elite fitness club, marquee

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