When is Fallout 76 Expeditions: The Pit released?

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Fallout 76 expeditions The Pitt is a brand new DLC expansion set to launch for Fallout 76 sometime in 2022. In this new expansion, the framework of Fallout 76 is set to be extended to the roots of Bethesda studio's first game, Fallout 3.

The expansion also takes place in the Irradiated Ruins of Pittsburgh, also known as Pitt. The Pitt was a location first visited in Fallout 3 The Pitt, and in that game's DLC, players explored a small part of Pittsburgh, but more importantly a steel mill.

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It remains to be seen if in the new expansion, players will explore similar territory. Perhaps players will take on the role of the first Brotherhood expedition sent to the location we first heard about in Fallout 3 lore.

However, from what we could gather from the trailer, the town is a ghost of itself and is now overrun by the mysterious mutants and monsters featured in the recent trailer.

Fallout 76 will also receive an update in July called Steel Rising. In this update, Fallout 76 will get a brand new story DLC where the brotherhood will suffer a civil war. It will also be up to the players to resolve the conflict and make tough choices throughout the war.

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