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Aloy, the savior from another world, is ready to face Teyvat with the skills she learned from Horizon Zero Dawn. To celebrate its release for all Adventure Rank 20 players and above, Genshin Impact has launched a web event titled Aloy's Exploration Journal. Players can follow Aloy through her journal entries as she explores the depths of Monstadt, Dragonspine and Liyu.

The web event runs from October 13, 2021 to October 27, 2021. Explore the map and choose the correct answers to enjoy rewards including Primogems and Shivada Jade Shards (Aloy's Ascension materials).

How to Participate in Aloy's Exploration Log

Visit the official Genshin Impact web event announcement at and click the link in the post to participate! Log in with your game account and make sure you select the correct server to route your rewards to the correct UID. The web event is accessible via browser on both mobile and PC, but if you're having trouble entering via mobile, consider using a PC instead.

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Rewards and how to get them

Aloy's Exploration Journal consists of three parts. Monstadt opens on October 13, Dragonspine on October 14, and Liyue on October 15.

To play, click Start Exploration and select the yellow circles to progress. This will bring up a journal entry with some quick facts about Aloy. Afterwards, the yellow circle will turn green, signaling that you have completed the area!

The last part of each exploration stage is the boss battle. You must choose the correct answer to complete it.

Monstadt Exploration Reward

In the boss battle against the Ruin Guard, choose option A: cores exposed in his head and back.

  • x10 Primogems
  • x1 Shivada Jade Fragment

Dragonspine Exploration Reward

  • x10 Primogems
  • x1 Shivada Jade Fragment

Liyue Exploration Reward

  • x20 Primogems
  • x1 Shivada Jade Fragment

It can take up to 10 minutes for items to arrive in your mailbox, so don't worry if they don't show up right away. Don't forget to share the event once to get 20 Mora.

Learn more about Aloy from Genshin Impact here on Tipsforallgames!

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