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Fischl has risen through the ranks and is currently one of the most popular characters in Genshin Impact. The “Ruler of Immernachtreich” is a ranged electro user with one of the highest damage potentials in the game. He is a 4-star character that is only available through the Wish system at the moment. However, there is a chance that she will be part of an upcoming event patch where players can get their hands on her for free. Here is a brief guide on how to use Fischl effectively on the battlefield.


Fischl is a versatile character who is a very beginner-friendly character in Genshin Impact. She can either be played as a primary damage dealer, but also works great as a support. When built correctly, its damage can get insane, but it's mostly single target damage. Fischl thrives against main bosses where AOE damage isn't mandatory.

Fischl's Skills

  • Normal Attack: Fires 5 arrows in a row. Damage increases with each connected arrow.
  • Charged Attack: Fires a precision-aimed arrow with increased damage. Holding aim charges his attack, and when fully charged deals a significant amount of damage.
  • Elemental Skill: Fischl summons a Night Crow that deals small Electro AOE damage while descending. The crow, which is called Oz, will continue to attack nearby enemies for a brief period.
  • Elemental Burst: Fischl transforms into Oz gaining temporary flight and a massive speed boost. She deals Electro damage to any enemy that comes in contact with her. Each enemy can only be hit once while in Oz form.


While unlocking Fischl Constellation can be quite significant, it is by no means necessary. She works perfectly without getting duped and is one of the main reasons why she is so F2P friendly. This is the Fischl Constellation.

  • Premier Dupe-Gaze ​​of the Deep: Oz unleashes a joint attack when Fischl attacks.
  • Second Dupe-Devour of All-Sins: Fischl's elemental skill deals 200% more damage and increases AOE by 50%.
  • Third Dupe-Wings of Nightmare: Increases the level of his elemental skill by 3 levels (goes to level 15).
  • Dupe-Her Fourth Pilgrimage of Sorrow: In Elemental Burst form, Fischl deals 222% increased Electro damage to surrounding enemies. At the end of the elemental explosion, she recovers 20% of her HP.
  • Fifth Dupe-Against the Fleeing Light: Increases the level of his Elemental Burst by 3 levels (goes to level 15).
  • Sixth Dupe-Undone By Thy Sinful Hex: Oz remains on the battlefield for an additional 2 seconds. Oz also deals 30% of Fischl's overall damage when present with another character.

Best build for Fischl

Skyward Harp is one of the best weapons for Fischl. It increases the critical damage of Fischl's attack by 20% and has a 60% chance to deal AOE damage, which deals 125% physical damage. However, this passive can only be triggered every 4 seconds. Amo's Bow is another option that works great with Fischl. It increases normal attack and aim damage by 12%. It also increases damage based on how far you move away from the target.

Bloodstained Chivalry is great for Fischl as it increases physical damage by 25%. If Fischl manages to down an enemy, the artifact also improves his charged attack damage by 50% and reduces the stamina cost to 0 for 12s. You can also combine half of the Martial Arts set with the Bloodstained Chivalry set for lethal damage. Keep in mind that this path is directed towards Fischl as the primary damage dealer. As needed, you can trade damage for a support style build. You can opt for a Gambler set, which increases elemental damage by 20%, or the Scholar set, which increases energy recharge by 20%.


Fischl's rise is very important because it gives a huge bump to his overall damage and potential. Here is the necessary equipment for all stages of the Ascension of Fischl.

  • Ascension Level 1 (max level 20): Vajrada Amethyst Silver x1 + Small Lamp Grass x3 + Firm Arrowhead x3
  • Ascension Level 2 (max level 40): Vajrada Amethyst Fragment x3 + Illuminating Prism x2 + Small Lamp Grass x10 + Firm Arrowhead x15
  • Ascension Level 3 (max level 50): Vajrada Amethyst Fragment x6 + Illuminating Prism x4 + Small Lamp Grass x20 + Sharp Arrowhead x12
  • Ascension Niveau 4 (niveau max 60): Vajrada Amethyst Chunk x3 + Lightining Prism x8 + Small Lamp Grass x30 + Sharp Arrowhead x18
  • Ascension Level 5 (max level 70): Vajrada Amethyst Chunk x6 + Enlightening Prism x12 + Small Lamp Grass x45 + Historical Overhead x16
  • Ascension Level 6 (max level 80): Vajrada Amethyst Gem x6 + Lightning Prism x20 + Small Lamp Grass x60 + Historical Overhead x24

Best team for Fischl

The electro element, when combined with any other element, produces one of the highest damage in the game. This makes Fischl very flexible, which can be paired with most characters.

Cryo element users are one of the best pairings for Fischl. The combination of the two elements produces the superconducting effect, which reduces the physical resistance of the target by 50%. Both Kaeya and Chongyun are perfect for the role, however, Chongyun is a bit better as he brings AOE damage to the table. You can also opt for Qiqi as it will provide healing consistent with the Cyro element. However, Qiqi is a 5-star character that is not accessible to everyone. In this case, players can pair Barbara with Fischl, who is an F2P character. She is a Hydro user who triggers Electro-Charged (extra Electro damage) when combined with Fischl's element. The last location can depend on the situation, and players can choose someone like Sucrose who controls the crowd or Diluc who can act as the primary damage dealer.

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