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If you've ever looked at Liyue's four-star units, you'll learn that they're incredibly powerful. Genshin Impact may have introduced a lot of new characters, but characters like Beidou still reign supreme in Spiral Abyss. Beidou is an excellent support unit, especially when built correctly.

Beidou has two very strong abilities that make him a must-have. Holding down his elemental skill creates an electric shield, and his elemental burst summons electric eels that surround the player on the field. This gives him the ability to help protect the team and provoke reactions.

Here is the best build for Beidou:

  • Emblem of Severed Fate Artifact Set: Beidou will receive a 20% increase in energy recharge and his burst damage will be increased by 25%, up to a total of 75%.
  • Wolf's Gravestone: Wolf's Gravestone has increased Beidou's attack by 20% and when hitting an opponent with less than 30% health, the entire party receives a 40% attack boost for 12 seconds.

Best party members for Beidou

Beidou is a versatile unit as it offers both easy reaction possibilities and a shield. She's a great character to use in Inazuma, where more electro enemies are present, and she fits into a variety of team compositions. If you need an off-camera character to deal electrical damage, then Beidou is one of your best bets.

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