Everything We Know About Yae Miko in Genshin Impact - Abilities, Voice Actor and More!

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Yae Miko is a five-star user of Electro Catalyst which should be released in version 2.5. She's the Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine, a servant and best friend of Ei, and an incredibly charismatic person whose presence can be a little too much for lightweights like Gorou to handle. Being a kitsune, Yae can freely transform between human and kitsune, but prefers to remain human under the watchful eyes of many, including the Traveler.

Note: Not much is known about Yae Miko other than her involvement in the Inazuma Archon quest, some Hangout events, voice lines, and recent leaks, so take most of her ability info with a grain of salt and know that they are always subject to money.



Yae Miko's Japanese voice actor is Ayane Sakura, who has voiced many popular characters in anime, including:

  • Uraraka Ochako de My Hero Academia
  • Medb de Fate/Grand Carnival
  • Mitake ran from BanG! Dream
  • Nakano Yotsuba de 5-toubun no Hanayome


Yae Miko's Chinese voice actor is Mingyu Da, who also voiced Azur Lane's Yat Sen.


Yae Miko's Korean voice actor is Moon Yoo-jeong, who also voiced Yoko Usami's South Korean voice actor in Power Rangers Go-Busters.


Yae Miko's English voice actor has yet to be confirmed, but we'll let you know when we find out who's behind Guuji's voice.

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As for abilities, Yae's elemental skill summons a Sesshou Sakura, a fox-like totem that deals electro damage. She can summon up to three of them, and the more Sesshou Sakura there are in the field, the higher their levels (and damage) will be.

Meanwhile, Yae's Elemental Burst summons her Kitsune Tails and sends thunder down, dealing AoE Electric damage. All existing Sesshou Sakura will then be released and each transform into a Tenko Thunderstrike which will also deal Electro AoE damage.

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Ascension Materials

Yae Miko's Ascension Material has been leaked to be the Dragon Heir False Fin, which can be farmed from the new world boss Bathysmal Vishap Herd in Enkanomiya. She also needs Sea Ganoderma and Kageuchi handguards of all rarities, which can be farmed throughout Inazuma.

Prepare electro gems for the release of Guuji and cultivate teachings, guides, and philosophies of the Violet Court's light. His Weekly Boss Talent Ascension material is still unknown, but keep your eyes peeled as we'll update you as soon as we know.

For more information on Yae Miko's Skills, Constellations, Talents, and more, visit our Genshin Impact wiki page.


An old friend of the gods

Yae Miko's friendship circle only involves the elite of elites. She is known to be old friends with Morax (Zhongli), Baal (Raiden Makoto), and Ganyu. And as the Raiden Shogun's longtime servant, Yae is also one of the few characters to know Ei on a personal level, hence her heavy involvement during the Vision Hunt decree and the final battle in the plan. Euthymia.

A charismatic kitsune

In the list of characters who lived a very long time, Yae Miko is one of the youngest, so much so that when she first appeared, Yae was just a tiny kitsune in Ei's arms. In Raiden Shogun's lines, she mentions that Yae was easily swayed by Fried Tofu before the former retreated into eternity. But Yae has since become a schemer, having proven her charisma against Gorou in her Hangout Event and against Itto in their pointless battles.

Editor-in-chief of Yae publishing house

The Yae Publishing House is an important facet of Inazuman's entertainment, publishing some of the most coveted reads, including the light novel titled "The Good Thing About Being Reincarnated as a Hilichurl Is That I only Need to Eat Sunsettias to Become Stronger” and the magazine called “C'est la vie”, for which Gorou was kindly written by the Guuji herself. And at the top of this editorial space is none other than Yae Miko, the intimidating editor and genius behind these literary masterpieces.

Check out our publishing house's invite Yae: Genshin's Impact Guide to learn a bit more about Yae's lucrative editorial business.

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