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The third game in the Watch Dogs franchise has been released and millions of gamers around the world have played Watch Dogs: Legion. You are a member of DedSec, a group of hackers trying to stop the influence of a surveillance company taking over London! In most games money is an important commodity, but not so much in Watch Dogs: Legion; however, it can be used to buy clothes, and what's more important than making DedSec look good?

How to earn money Watch Dogs: Legion

Earning money in Watch Dogs: Legion is quite easy and it can be done in several ways. The first is to find specific agents that make or save you money; the second is by locating ETO caches all over London, collecting cash from ATMs, hacking into safes, and the third by completing activities such as Parcel Fox and Bare Knuckle League missions.

ETO is a cryptocurrency used in Watch Dogs: Legion and is only used to purchase clothing, weapons, and vehicle skins. You will rarely encounter massive amounts of ETO, but it will build up over time! While it's not too essential, who doesn't want to look stylish?

Find specific agents

There are 4 unique agents that will help you earn or save money in Watch Dogs: Legion; while they won't fetch you big bucks excessively quickly, it will add up to a sizable amount of money over time. Here are the 4 you want to watch out for:

  • Qualified Investor
    • Having the Qualified Investor ability on your team or one of your recruits will increase the ETO earned throughout any activity for your entire team.
  • Crypto Skimmer
    • The Crypto Skimmer ability increases the chances of receiving money every time you hack something. Combine that with the Viral Hacking ability, which lets you spread hacks to target many things at once. You'll be creating ETO in no time!
  • Thief Takedown
    • If a recruit has the Takedown Thief ability, you will gain ETO every time you take out an enemy.
  • Loyalty card
    • The Loyalty Card ability provides an additional discount on shopping clothes, so always check out an agent with this ability before shopping!

Caches ETO

All over London, these are two types of ETO caches that can be found. The most common type is marked on your minimap, and all you have to do is get into sweeping range with a person, drone, or even a spider bot, and the crypto is yours. You will get around 200-300 ETO from each small cache. If you come across ATMs, you can browse them for a small amount of ETO, but they are quite rare to find.

This is the other ETO cache you want to keep an eye out for, as this type is the larger cache of the two: vaults. Safes are normally always located in restricted areas, but stealing them will get you around 1000 ETO. You can even open these safes using spider bots, so your agent isn't in danger, especially if you're playing with permadeath mode enabled.

Complete Activities

Any activity you do in Watch Dogs: Legion will net you ETO, but two, in particular, will have you becoming Charged in no time! The first is the Parcel Fox missions, and the second is the Bare Knuckle League.

Missions Parcel Fox

Parcel Fox is a courier service, which allows any operator to pick up a box and deliver it to earn ETO. However, the package determines the amount of ETO awarded, as some are labeled as fragile, are timed, and some may contain contraband which attracts unwanted attention. But if each is managed well, an ETO bonus will be awarded.

Knuckle Bare League

The Bare Knuckle League holds five fistfight tournaments scattered around London, and each has its own champion. If you manage to eliminate these champions, a lot of ETO is awarded. After winning the title in each tournament, they will start holding exhibition tournaments featuring new fighters. If you manage to attract the attention of high rollers, you can earn additional rewards if you reach their betting targets.

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