What is the release date of Showa American Story?

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Showa American Story is an action-adventure RPG that can be called wacky, crazy, and stylish. Developer Nekcom Entertainment has created something that looks fantastic and unique, and you might be wondering when Showa American Story will be released and you can play it.

Unfortunately, there is no release date for Showa American Story yet. Nekcom Entertainment didn't provide a date other than To Be Announced, which means it's unclear when the game will be released. However, you can check out the reveal trailer below and see Showa American Story for yourself.

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In Showa American Story, players take on the role of Choko, the 19-year-old stuntwoman who was killed and mysteriously resurrected. Players will travel across a ruined and transformed America battling zombies, monsters, and criminal gangs.

Choko fights with melee and ranged weapons and incredible powers to help overcome the dangers of this new world and find her lost sister. Stay tuned for more from Showa American Story or follow their Twitter.

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