All Shiv Gate locations and the Master of Unlocking Trophy in Last of Us Remastered

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In The Last of Us, players can find several different cache rooms that are behind shiv doors. Shiv gates are gates in the world that must be unlocked with a shiv. Throughout the world and storyline, there are a total of 13 locked doors. So remember to craft shivs regularly and use stealth to save on crafting materials.

Outskirts Shiv Doors

The first clicker

After accepting the role in Ellie's smuggling and being caught by patrolmen, players will escape to a nearby run-down skyscraper. This first locked door will be in this building and is found almost immediately after the cutscene where Joel is attacked by a clicker. Enter the open room with a few vending machines in the back left corner. Through the door in this corner is a closed white door. This is the door to the shiv.

The museum

After crawling through the debris-strewn room of the museum, players will be led into a hallway with large chandeliers. Take an immediate left down the hall through some half-open doors and take the open door on the left. There should be a flag hanging to the right of the door. This takes players into the kitchen of the museum. The shiv door will be immediately to the right.

Portes Shiv de Bill’s Town


As Joel and Ellie approach Bill's Town, they will enter through the first layer of barbed wire. Drop down through the open fence and keep to the left. In the next drop down, players will find the heavy metal door on the left wall.

Marquis Music Store

Head to the right side of the Marquis Music Store to reach the back. Watch out for the tripwire bomb near the end of the wall, it should work just fine against the approaching clicker. After reaching the back of the store, players can spot the shiv door on the back wall with a concrete porch.

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Portes Pittsburgh Shiv

Kingston Bookstore

After defeating the Absolute Scavenger Treasure in the Kingston Bookstore, players can find this hidden shiv door in the back corner. Go upstairs and return to the Rivers Cafe. This door is not in the cafe but in the back right corner of this floor next to the Dawn of the Wolf poster.

X marks the spot

After the cutscene in the Pittsburgh swamp area, immediately turn left. The door to Regal Apartments is marked with a large red X. This is the door to the shiv.

The irrational deposit

After another big fight with another group of Scavengers in the Financial District, players will find a Ration Depot on the right side of the intersection, spray painted to say Irrational Depot. Head to the front doors and the door on the far right. This shiv door is a large blue-gray metal door over here.

Henry and Sam

Shortly after meeting brothers Henry and Sam, the group decides to work together to escape the city. After descending the first set of stairs following Henry, players will find a large light wooden door directly ahead of them. It's a shiv gate.

Tommy Hydroelectric Dam Shiv Gate

Players should easily spot this one when approaching the Dam for the first time. It's a large metal gate up the rusty steps to the hydroelectric dam.

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The Shiv gate of the university's science building

After arriving on horseback at the University, Joël will have to explore the different buildings on campus. In particular, the science building is where he'll want to look. Entering through a giant hole in the brick wall on the upper floor, players will want to exit through the door and take a left down the hallway. At the very end of the hall, the shiv door will be on the right.

For those having trouble with directions, the door will be labeled as Room 104, a conference room.

The Lakeside Resort Shiv Gate

On Joel's way to save Ellie, he will have to cross several snowy environments. This shiv gate is across from the motel's gas station. Enter through the open motel door, immediately return to the bathroom and exit through the broken window. The shiv door is immediately on the left, more of a large wooden door than a door in that back shed.

The Shiv gate of the bus depot

After escaping the station, Ellie and Joel will travel along an old flooded subway/bus depot track. Since Ellie can't swim, Joel will have to explore most areas without her help, or by putting her on floating paddles. When first entering the underground tunnels, he and Ellie will pass through an electrically fenced security area with a DIY table. When you walk through the door to the next room, a sign will tell players to go left. Go right instead and the door to the shiv will be right there.

La porte Firefly Lab Shiv

Finally, after Joel decides the Fireflies can't keep Ellie, he storms back to the hospital they're using as a lab site. The shiv gate is on the 6th floor of the hospital. After making the long climb up the spiral staircase to the sixth floor, enter through the door. Jump over the counter here and the shiv door will be in this inner corner.

It's labeled as room 605 and will have a window on the front wall so players can see if they really need what's inside.

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