What does SWF mean in Dead by Daylight?

Since its release in 2016, Dead by Daylight has grown and with it the terminology too. For newcomers, some of the abbreviations can be confusing at first and may leave you wondering what's going on when you see seemingly random letters in chat. But alas, they have a meaning! Here's what SWF means in Dead by Daylight.

SWF is an acronym that stands for Survive With Friends. This is when players from a group of friends join the lobby together and enter a lane at the same time. Thus, survivors are mostly or entirely made up of people they know. A SWF group can have between 2 and 4 people.

SWF is sometimes seen by some as a toxic term, or a cheat method of raising the killer, as the survivors already know each other and can help each other. They'll also usually be on a separate voice chat channel in Discord etc, meaning they can communicate with each other about what's going on during the game.

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SWF does not guarantee victory for survivors, as the game is all about skill and tactical approach. However, it helps when a survivor has become addicted, as their friends can come to help. But in a teamwork-centric game as it is, that only helps a little more than usual.

When used correctly, the SWF approach is just another way to enjoy the game with friends.

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