How long is Little Nightmares 2?

    How long is Little Nightmares 2?

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    Compared to the first installment in the series, Little Nightmares 2 ends up taking a bit longer. Players can expect to be immersed in the jaw-dropping nightmare world for five to six hours the first time around.

    For those who want to uncover all the secrets and collectibles, you'll likely find yourself in Little Nightmares 2 for around eight to nine hours. These collectibles are defective remnants and wearable hats.

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    Locating all of the collectibles will net you a total of eight achievements/trophies, so players who seek them out will end up with that longer playtime. Plus, collecting all the flawed remnants will allow you to see the true ending, so even those not swayed by sweet, sweet achievements might want to spend a little more time searching every corner. and corners.

    For reference, the world record for fastest completion in Little Nightmares 2 is under 70 minutes, and fastest 100% completion is under two hours. These times are the result of dozens of hours of learning the game, training, and routing, so a beginning player cannot expect to come close to these playing times. But, theoretically, these are the lengths possible minimums of the game.

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