What are pity and gentle pity in Genshin Impact?

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Genshin Impact's Pity and Soft Pity systems are systems put in place to ensure higher rarity draws for even the most unlucky players.

Pity is basically an absolute limit to wishing for an absolute, 100% guarantee of a five-star unit or weapon after a certain number of draws on an individual banner type.

  • For character banners, it's 90 wishes.
  • On weapon banners, it's at 80 wishes.

There is also a Damage for the four stars. You are guaranteed to get at least one four-star weapon or character every ten rolls.

For character event banners (e.g. those that were for Childe, Venti, Eula, or Hu Tao), the player is guaranteed to get the five-star character featured on the banner every two five-stars. This means that if the player pulls a five-star weapon or a five-star character other than the event-limited five-star character, then the next five-star the player pulls on an event banner is guaranteed to be the character five stars listed on this banner, no matter what.

Notice, specifically worde as "an event banner." Even if you were to fire a Qiqi at a banner and miss that banner's event-limited character, you'll still be guaranteed to get the event-limited character on the next event character banner.

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For weapon event banners, however, the story is different. The mercy system is set to 80 instead of 90. But the niceties end there. On weapon banners, you are only guaranteed the event weapon you specify (of the two that appear on each weapon banner) on the third five-star pull, as opposed to the second. And, unlike character banners, this guarantee is erased once the weapon banner is reset.

What is sweet pity?

Soft Pity is a system completely ignored by the game itself. But gentle pity is something many Genshin players have developed over time. Once you hit a certain number of throws without a five star, the percentage chance of you hitting a five star starts to increase exponentially until it caps out at 100% at 90 (80 on banners). weapons).

For character banners, Soft Pity starts at 74 wishes. Sweet Mercy for Weapon Banners starts at 64.

Of course, this is all just for guaranteed draws. It is always possible to get five stars, limited to the event or not, without mercy or soft mercy. Very rare, yes, but still possible.

If you want help deciding who to roll for, consider looking at the Genshin Impact | All Genshin Impact characters, ranked.

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