What are diamonds in Tiktok LIVE Studio?

It's no surprise that Tiktok has found its footing in streaming, especially with the popularity of the app. The app makes it extremely easy to deliver your content, and if you're looking to earn a paycheck, you should look to Diamonds.

Diamonds are a cool feature that allows users to help their favorite creators earn money. The more popular your video is and the more virtual gifts you receive while streaming, the more diamonds you can make. Keep in mind that Tiktok takes 50% of the profit from freebies though.

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Here is a breakdown of diamond value:

  • 200 diamonds is $1.
  • You get half the cost of every freebie your viewers send you.
  • Tiktok users use a currency called coins, 100 coins cost $1.
  • It takes two coins to make a diamond, due to the 50% cut that Tik Tok takes.

Although profit sharing can be a bit confusing at first, you should only focus on the diamonds that appear in your account after each stream instead of trying to tally up all the freebies during your stream. You can check your Diamond balance at any time by selecting live gifts.

If you want to withdraw your profits:

  • Go to your wallet
  • Then click on your earnings.
  • Once there, you can choose to send the money to your Paypal account.

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