All Stellaris Cheats and Console Commands

If you're a big fan of Stellaris and other Paradox Interactive games, you might be wondering if there are any console commands or cheat codes in the game. Well, you're in luck! Stellaris, like all Paradox Interactive games, keeps cheating traditions alive.

If you're struggling to maintain your space empire and need a helping hand, check out all the Stellaris cheats and console commands below.

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Enabling cheat console in Stellaris

To enter cheats into Stellaris, you will first need to access the command console. To open it, load it into an active save or start a new game. From there, press Shift+Alt+C on your keyboard. Keep in mind that the console will not open if you are in Ironman mode. No cheats to get achievements!

All cheat codes in Stellaris

Once the console is open, you can enter one of the codes below to activate the desired cheat:

  • activate_all_traditions - Activates all traditions.
  • activate_ascension_perk [name] - Activates a specified ascension perk.
  • activate_tradition [tradition id] - Activates a specified Tradition.
  • add_anomaly [anomaly id] - Adds an anomaly to the selected celestial body.
  • add_intel [target] [amount] - Add information towards the target.
  • add_opinion [source] [target] [amount] - Increases an empire's opinion of the target.
  • add_relic [relic id] - Gives a relic.
  • add_spynetwork_value [target] [amount] - Increases infiltration progress on target.
  • add_trait_leader [leader id] [trait id] - Adds a trait to a specific leader.
  • remove_trait_leader [leader id] [trait id] โ€“ Opposite above.
  • add_trait_species [species id] [trait id] - Adds a trait to a species.
  • ai โ€“ Enables or disables AI.
  • alloys [amount] - Adds alloys.
  • build_pops [amount] - Adds a robot population to the selected planet.
  • species [amount] โ€“ Adds energy credits.
  • communications โ€“ Grants communications with all empires.
  • create_megastructure [megastructure id] - Creates the chosen megastructure.
  • create_marine [amount] - Builds a fleet using your most recent design.
  • damage [amount] โ€“ All ships in the selected fleet suffer hull damage.
  • debug_nomen โ€“ AI empires still deny player proposals.
  • debug_yesmen โ€“ AI empires still accept player submissions.
  • effect add_building=[building id] - Adds a building to the planet.
  • effect add_deposit=[deposit id] - Adds a resource deposit or planetary feature to the selected celestial body.
  • effect add_district=[district id] โ€“ Adds the specified district.
  • effect add_planet_devastation=[amount] โ€“ adds devastation to the selected celestial body. A negative value decreases it.
  • effect country_add_ethic=[ethic id] - Adds the chosen ethics to the player's empire.
  • effect country_remove_ethic=[ethic id] โ€“ Reverse of the above.
  • effect force_add_civic=[civic id] - Adds the chosen citizenship to the player's empire.
  • effect force_remove_civic=[civic id] โ€“ Reverse of the above.
  • effect remove_modifier=[modifier id] - Removes the modifier from the selected planet or empire.
  • election โ€“ Starts an election.
  • end_senate_session - Pass/fail the currently voted resolution.
  • engineering [amount] - Adds engineering technical points.
  • an event [event id] โ€“ Triggers the event.
  • federation_add_experience [amount] โ€“ Adds experience to Federation.
  • federation_add_cohesion [amount] - Adds cohesion to the Federation.
  • federation_examine_leader โ€“ Triggers federation succession.
  • finish_research โ€“ Ends all active research.
  • finish_special_projects โ€“ Finishes all special projects.
  • finish_terraform - Finishes all terraforming processes.
  • food [amount] - Adds food.
  • force_integrate [target] - Integrate the target empire.
  • force_senate_vote - Ends the current suspension of the Senate.
  • free_government - Toggle allowing player to change government.
  • free_policies - Toggles on and off allowing the player to change policies without restriction.
  • influence [amount] - Adds influence
  • instant_build - Instantly enable and disable builds and upgrades for all empires
  • intel โ€“ Gives the view of the entire galaxy.
  • invincible โ€“ Player ships will not take damage.
  • max_resources โ€“ Fills all resource storages.
  • minerals [amount] - Adds minerals.
  • own โ€“ Take ownership and control of the selected fleet, starbase or planet.
  • physics [amount] โ€“ Adds physical technology points.
  • planet_class [planet class id] - Changes the selected celestial body to a new class via the class id.
  • planet_happiness [amount] โ€“ Adds a modifier with [amount] of happiness to the chosen planet.
  • play [empire ID] - Toggles player control over the designated empire.
  • search_technology [technology id] โ€“ Instantly search for the specified technology.
  • skills [amount] โ€“ Adds [amount] of skill levels to each leader under player control.
  • skip_galactic_community_cooldowns โ€“ Allows to drop resolutions from the same group without cooldowns.
  • society [amount] - Adds society technology points.
  • Survey โ€“ Examines all planets, requires at least one science vessel.
  • techupdate โ€“ Relaunches currently available technology choices.
  • unit [amount] โ€“ Adds the unit.
  • unlock_edicts - Unlocks all edicts.
  • branch โ€“ Own the branch of a selected planet.
  • threat [amount] - Adds a threat.
  • imperial_authority [amount] โ€“ Adds imperial authority.

If you are unsure of any of the commands (like what to enter in the [ ] codes section), you can find details on the official Stellaris Wiki. Alternatively, enjoy growing your galactic empire to titanic scale with these amazing Stellaris Codes!

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