All types of hermits in Kingdom Two Crowns

    All types of hermits in Kingdom Two Crowns

    In Kingdom Two Crowns, you play as the monarch responsible for building his kingdom and protecting it from outside forces. As you build your kingdom, you can enlist the help of hermits to gain access to unique structures.

    Hermits come in different types and offer different upgrades depending on their type. Each hermit can be found on different islands and requires a price of gems. To access their upgrade ability, you will need to bring the hermit back to your town. You can let them go their own way or have them ride a horse. You can find the five hermit types below.

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    Hermit base building special building Open Gem Cost
    hermit triggerfish Tour triplet ballista tower 1st island 3
    stable hermit mill house Stable 2nd island 1
    Hermit Bakery Tour triplet Bakery 3rd island 4
    hermit knight Tour triplet knight tower 4rd island 2
    Hermit Horn big stone wall rally wall 5rd island 3

    Hermits provide invaluable help, so it would be wise to find and collect all five of them. This information is for Kingdom Two Crowns and may differ if you are playing Kingdom New Lands. So can find those hermit houses and make a new friend!

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