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You never know when a material will be used in the future. Look at the Starconch; Prior to Genshin Impact 1.1, the Starconch was pretty much useless, but now it's a must-have for users using Childe! Having a stockpile of all the materials you come across isn't bad in any shape or form.

Genshin Impact Where to find Mist Flower

To find Mist Flowers in Genshin Impact, head to Wuwang Hill, east of the Dawn Cave, as there is an abundance of Mist Flowers around this location. Another place to find them is north of the Luhua Pool!

The mist flower does not grow in massive quantities in one particular location; instead, it grows a few here and there in some places more than others. As we mentioned above, the Wuwang Hill area is perfect for finding a good number of them, including Stone Gate and the area between Wuwang Hill and the Dawn Cellar. If you surround Mondstadt you will find some, but it will only be an occasional one or two, nothing substantial.

Thanks to Map Genie!

From the picture above you can see what we mean. They're just scattered all over the place, not in massive clumps.

However, you cannot harvest mist flowers on their own, as an icy coating protects them. To be able to pick them from the ground, you need a Pyro user; anyone will make and use an attack that causes fire. This Pyro attack will melt the Ice Layer and allow you to collect the Mist Flower.

Mist flowers can be used in alchemy:

  • Frost Shield Potion
    • Ingredients
    • Effet
      • Increases Cryo RES of all party members by 25% for 300 seconds.
  • Glaze essential oil
    • Ingredients
      • Lizard Tail x1 and Mist Flower Corolla x1
    • Effet
      • Increases Cryo DMG of all party members by 25% for 300 seconds.

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