Is there multiplayer in I am Fish

    Is there multiplayer in I am Fish

    I am Fish is the sequel to I am Bread, although it is not directly related. Bossa Studios has created another wacky and very entertaining game, in which you play as a group of fish trying to reconnect in the ocean. This type of game is always best with friends, so you might be wondering if it's multiplayer.

    The answer to this question is no. There is currently no multiplayer in I am Fish. The developers have stated that I am Fish is intended to be a single-player experience and they are working to make it the best it can be. However, on the I am Fish discord channel, they also stated that there are no plans for multiplayer at this time.

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    This means that multiplayer could be added to the game later. What determines this is unknown, but it can be assumed that the sales of I am Fish would contribute greatly. I am Fish would be perfect for multiplayer as the four fish protagonists could each be controlled by a separate player.

    Looking at their past games, I follow Bread and Surgeon Simulator, and it's clear that they do well in multiplayer. Surgeon Simulator received its multiplayer later in its lifespan, so it's still possible that I am Fish has a multiplayer mode. But until that time comes, you will have to swim the seas alone.

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