Sakura Aborism: all tree locations in Genshin Impact

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To start Sakura Aborism, you'll first need to trigger the Tartara Tales questline by listening to the conversation at the Kujou Encampment waypoint. Once that's done, talk to Miyuki in the area marked below on the map (south of Kujou's camp) to start Sakura Aborism.

Beginning of the Sakura Aborism quest

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The maiden tasks you with dealing with five Sakura trees that have been tampered with by treasurers. These are the trees that hurl lightning at anyone who gets too close, so be on your guard.

Below we have marked the locations of the five Sakura trees. Although we've labeled them, you can complete this quest in any order you want.

Aborism Sakura Tree Locations

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When researching these trees, keep in mind:

  • At Tree #1, two Electro Abyss Mages will appear. Take them down quickly while remembering to dash around the tree, avoiding its lightning bolts.
  • Tree #4 is a little hard to find. You will need to climb the mountain and look carefully in this area to spot it.

How to prevent the tree from attacking

At each tree, you'll use your elemental sight to locate masses of swirling blue energy. Run to those blue areas and let the tree hit it with lightning. Once all the blue areas have been cleaned, the tree will become harmless, then you can approach it and remove the foreign body lodged in its trunk.

After healing all five trees, return to Miyuki in the quest starting area. Together you'll take on the Treasure Hoarders again, but beware, they're primed with an Electro Hypostasis, and it's a tougher version of the Mondstadt boss. Shoot it down with powerful elemental reactions and avoid the electro-currents with which it surrounds the field.

Completing Sakura Aborism grants the following rewards:

  • Adventure EXP (500)
  • Mora (40)
  • Primogems (60)
  • The hero's mind books (4)

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