Scorn officially confirms October 2022 launch window

    Scorn officially confirms October 2022 launch window

    The long-awaited horror game Scorn finally has a release date, and fans couldn't be happier. The news officially broke on Scorn's official Twitter account after more than a year without news, announcing its new expected release date.

    The game has suffered countless delays and was originally slated for release in 2017. It has already racked up a huge following thanks to its numerous trailers and teasers, despite its last gameplay demo in October 2020.

    Described as an atmospheric layered first-person horror game, fans of the genre welcome the game's thematic tones and graphical prowess. uncomfortable even when there is no urgency.

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    A new trailer was released alongside the delay, which shows little compared to its other trailers. It shows a nondescript altar, and the surrounding statues of glowing red-bellied pregnant women may be one area of ​​the game that players may need to return to. It could also symbolize the number of stories/chapters in the title.

    The gameplay should be very open with lots of exploration, puzzles and combat. Like most survival horror titles, ammo will be scarce and players will need to manage their limited inventory to the best of their abilities.

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