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With the latest Terraria Journey's End update finally out, for now... Lots of people are coming back to the game in droves to try out all the new features and grab the new now-fixed vanity contest outfits. Loads of people no doubt waited until Journey's End was over, or maybe gamers got caught up in the pixel mining game hype and thought it was time for me to give it a try! There's a lot to figure out, but if you've played Minecraft, you'll better understand how to get started. One of the most important things to make as soon as possible is the bed. So how do you make a bed a Terraria?

How to make a bed?

bed materials

To make a bed for yourself, you need a few basic materials – Wood x15 and Silk x5. It looks quite simple, but it will take you some time to create it. You need a few things to get started. You'll have spawned a few tools to get you started – a pickaxe and an axe. Use your ax to chop down trees and chop down lots of them in the starting area where you spawned. Wood is the easiest thing to acquire in the game, well aside from dirt!

Silk in the early game is reasonably hard to acquire, but not too badly. It depends on your luck. As you explore left or right, you'll eventually come across mini-caves, or sometimes tunnels. You want to avoid the tunnels until you're better equipped, but feel free to explore them just a little bit! Inside these mini caves you should sometimes find cobwebs – these are the materials you need! However, you need to find a total of 35 cobwebs, because it takes 7 cobwebs to make 1 silk.

If you're brave enough to dig deeper to find more cobwebs, and you come across a lot of them at once, it's probably best to bail out, because it'll be a spider's nest. Yes, this is the best place to acquire cobwebs, but in the early stages of the game, spiders aren't meant to be overlooked.

This is the easier part because you now have to craft a loom and a sawmill, which takes a lot more effort! And to craft them, you need a furnace and an anvil!

How to make a sawmill and a loom?

Now you have collected all the wood and cobwebs. Your tiny house is starting to feel a little simpler. You learned how to craft a workbench and started crafting several things! You need 4 things in total to make a bed: an oven, an anvil, a sawmill and a loom. The recipes I will put below.

  • furnace
    • Materials: stone blocks x20, wood x4 and 3 torches
      • The stone you get from mining – wood from trees. Torches can be crafted from a stone block and slime gel, which can be obtained by killing any slime in the starting area.
  • Anvil
    • Materials: 5 iron bars
      • 5 iron ore turns into 1 iron bar in the oven.
        • Iron ore you will find mining quite often. It's grayer than stone, or whatever, and the game should tell you what it is.
  • Sawmill
    • Materials: wood x10, iron bar x2 and a chain x1
      • At the anvil, you can craft 1 iron bar into 10 chains.
  • Loom
    • Materials: Wood x12
      • Craft this craft at the sawmill

Go to your new loom and turn all those cobwebs into silk. Then go to your sawmill and you can craft a bed! A bed is a spawn point, so if you die, you won't spawn in the exact same spot as when you first entered this world. You will still spawn in bed if you die; it's incredibly convenient.

When the bed is made and placed, right-click on it and a message will appear stating that the bed is now set as a spawn point. Make sure this message appears, or your bed is practically useless!

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