What is the release date of Hometopia?

Hometopia seeks to reinvigorate the life simulation genre by focusing on building, designing, and renovating homes and neighborhoods. Hometopia is developed by The Isn't Company who also developed Build this Castle and Build this House.

You might be wondering when is Hometopia release date. According to Hometopia's Steam page, it's coming soon. Previously, the expected release date was January 2022, but that seems to have been changed to a more vague answer.

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Hometopia features a career mode where players can work towards set goals. It also has a sandbox mode to express their creativity with unlimited freedom. Players can customize everything and then visit their home in first person or top view. You can even build online with friends!

As of now, there's no concrete official release date, but you can follow the official Hometopia Twitter to stay updated. We'll also be keeping an eye on the game and providing an update when an announcement is made.

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