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Propnight is another survival horror game similar to Dead by Daylight, with human characters and killers. However, the twist involves our four human characters who can transform into props to hide from their killer, much like in Prophunt, a game mode from Garry's Mod. So let's meet the playable cast members of Survivors and Killers.

All Survivors


Chris' special ability is his energy drink which allows him to run faster and increase his stamina for nine seconds.


Isaac's special ability is his camera, he is able to take pictures of the killer to temporarily knock him out and run away.

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Mabel's special ability is a book that allows her to become invisible for five seconds.


Kate is one of two healers who has a med kit that she can use to heal party members by 10 up to six times.


Taiga is the other healer, having a med kit she can use to heal any party member for 10 points, however, there are only six charges.

all the killers


This disconcerting old man with a too broad smile has eyes in the walls. These special abilities include Blade Dance, Blood Eye, and Shadow. These capabilities involve:

  • Blade Dance – A detrimental forward momentum.
  • Blood Eye – Creates a blood eye in the air that follows survivors.
  • Shadow – Take on a shadow form which allows them to move faster but not attack.


The horrible nun-style banshee whose scream is as bad as its bite. Her abilities include curse, fly, and scream. Here's what each of the abilities entails:

  • Curse – Curses one of the Propmachines to make it harder to repair.
  • Flight – Allows the Banshee to fly in any direction.
  • Scream – Banshee screams, dealing damage to Survivors within a radius of her.

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The scariest old lady ever with added claws and eye bags as dark as the abyss. Granny's special abilities include Astral, Mine, and Lancer. Here's what each ability entails:

  • Astral – Turns granny invisible and increases her speed for a short period of time.
  • Mine – Sets up a Ghost Knife that will scatter when approaching a Survivor.
  • Throw – Throws a knife to damage survivors from a safe distance.


This adorable pink Easter bunny with a chainsaw in his hand can be quite a menacing sight. His special abilities include Chainsaw Terror, Charge, and Soda Bomb. Here's what they entail:

  • Chainsaw Terror – Quiets the noise of the chainsaw, allowing Igor to be stealthy.
  • Charge – A simple forward dash with his chainsaw.
  • Soda Bomb – Launches a soda that will explode shortly after.


This terrifying toothy face has the ability to disguise itself as a survivor. His special abilities include Overcharge, Spy, and Prop. These capabilities involve:

  • Overload – Overloads all unrepaired Propmachines and increases the Imposter's movement speed for each one repaired.
  • Prop – Transform into an item like the survivors.
  • Spy – Changes the appearance of the impostor to one of the survivors.

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