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Deep Shrines are exciting landmarks to discover in Genshin Impact. If you have the right keys, you can unlock these shrines for tons of high-quality rewards! Read on for all six Shrine locations and information on how to get Shrine Keys.

Inazuma Depths Shrine Locations

There are six Deep Shrines currently available in Inazuma, scattered across the three islands: Narukami, Yashiori, and Kannazuka. Each island contains two deep sanctuaries.

Note: When the three remaining Inazuma Islands are accessible, we will update this guide with any additional depth shrines.

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Below is a screenshot of Yashiori Island (left) and Kannazuka Island (right). The four Deep Shrine locations have been marked with red circles.

Screenshot via Genshin Impact interactive world map

Below is a screenshot of Narukami Island, where the other two Deep Shrines are in the marked areas.

Screenshot via Genshin Impact interactive world map

How to get keys for Shrines of the Deep

There are different ways to get keys to Deep Shrines, such as:

  • Inazuma Statue of Seven upgrade (a key is given when you reach levels one, three, and five)
  • Complete the quest Archon Chapter II: Act II – Stillness, Sublimation of Shadow
  • Gain the favor of the sacred Sakura tree (levels eight and 18)

Each Shrine of the Deep contains a Luxurious Chest that rewards you with Primogems, Artifacts, and more, so you'll definitely want to collect as many Keys as you can!

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