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Halo Infinite is an arena-based FPS game that features many different game modes. Most involve killing your enemies, but some also require teamwork to complete objectives. These game modes are divided into two main categories: Arena and Big Team Battle.

Arena game modes feature two teams of four competing against each other, with the exception of Free For All game modes in which all eight players compete. Big Team Battle game modes feature two big teams of twelve where teamwork is essential to win. You can see all of these game modes below.

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  • Arena: CTF
  • Arena: FFA Oddball
  • Arena: Slayer
  • Arena: Neutral Flag
  • Arena: Oddball
  • Arena: a flag
  • Arena: Slayer
  • Arena: Fortresses
  • BTB: CTF
  • BTB: Slayer
  • BTB: Reserve
  • BTB: Full Control

When queuing for a match, Quick Play and Ranked Modes will put you in Arena game modes while Big Team Battle will put you in that game mode. Currently, there is no way to select a game mode. particular game in these playlists.

Halo veterans may notice that some game modes such as Swat and Infection are missing. That's likely because Halo Infinite is in beta ahead of its December 8 release. Hopefully these and other missing game modes will return.

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