All WarioWare Characters: Gather Together

All WarioWare Characters: Gather Together

If you are among those waiting for the new WarioWare: Get It Together game, you must be very excited for its release. Before you dive into the game, you might be wondering which characters and how many are in the game. Check out our list below for all the info you need!

Playable characters

This is a list of all the characters you can play in WarioWare: Get It Together. Below are a few characters that share a chip. These characters can be used with two players controlling them.

All WarioWare Characters: Gather Together

  • 18 volts
  • 5 volts
  • 9 volts
  • Ashley
  • Dr. Crygor
  • Dribble & Spitz
  • Jimmy T.
  • Kat et Ana

All WarioWare Characters: Gather Together

  • Spitz
  • Master Mantis
  • Mike
  • Mona
  • Penny
  • Pyoro
  • red
  • Orbulon
  • Wario
  • young cricket

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Non-playable characters

NPCs are characters that you will interact with in the game for various reasons, such as obtaining information for quests. The characters below cannot be controlled in WarioWare: Get it Together, but you can still contact them!

  • 13 amps
  • Doris
  • Gather
  • "Joe"
  • Miss Munchly
  • Mona's Elephant
  • Mona's monkey
  • Mona's pig
  • Ruffington

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