Everything we know about Fallout Shelter Online

We at Pocket Tactics love Fallout Shelter. Although its monetization made it a little difficult at first, it was a fun way for Fallout fans to get a daily dose of Vault-Tec goodness. Fallout Shelter has also gotten better over time, with new inclusions like quests, special characters, and all kinds of gear to equip your dwellers with.

So when we heard about Fallout Shelter Online, we were pretty excited – a suite of types adding PvP, and more quests and combat mechanics. What's not to like?

Fallout Shelter Online is currently launching in parts of Asia, but we still don't know when it might make its way to the West. So we thought it was time to gather all the information about this new Fallout game. We want to make sure you're geared up and ready to head out into the wilderness when the time comes, so here's our guide to everything we know about Fallout Shelter Online.

Here's everything we know about online fallout shelters:


When we heard about Fallout Shelter online, we were immediately curious if the game had vault management. Here's everything we know:

  • Just like in Fallout Shelter, you manage a vault
  • Rooms produce the resources needed to upgrade vault dwellers, characters, and gear
  • There is a new room called the Recycling Center, which produces caps
  • Unlike Fallout Shelter's two dwellers per block, now only one dweller can work in a one-block room
  • Dwellers have passive perks that make them more effective in certain rooms
  • You can only rush each room three times per day
  • You can upgrade rooms, but generally you're going to have to deal with larger amounts of currency


Fallout Shelter Online is a sequel of sorts, but it changes a lot from the original game. Here are some changes:

  • While the location was somewhat in question for the original, Fallout Shelter Online is absolutely set in the Commonwealth, with Fallout 4 heroes and recognizable locations making an appearance.
  • Fallout Shelter Online is more of a gacha, with a greater focus on combat
  • There is PvP in Fallout Shelter Online
  • Vault dwellers and characters are much more fleshed out, with bonds, perks, traits, and special abilities

Everything we know about Fallout Shelter Online

How do characters work in Fallout Shelter Online?

With Fallout Shelter Online, new character mechanics make the game much more gacha than the original. Here's how they work:

  • In Fallout Shelter Online you can collect powerful characters from the Fallout universe, add them to your team or have them work in your vault
  • You can get character cards during quests, but the main way to get them is by collecting posters
  • Posters are basically character shards, which allow you to unlock new characters or upgrade your favorites
  • You can collect posters in different ways or buy them for Nuka Cola Quantum in the game store
  • Resources are used to improve certain aspects of your characters, with food to improve levels in the training room, caps to improve equipment, and water for passive abilities.
  • Some of these heroes include characters like Synthesizer Detective Nick Valentine, Preston Garvey, and Elder Maxson
  • Each character in the game has links, traits, perk, special ability and general stats on top of that
  • Traits basically describe the character's innate strengths and weaknesses.
  • Perks reflect which rooms the character works most efficiently in
  • Special abilities are used in battle

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What are Bonds in Fallout Shelter Online?

One of the newer mechanics is Bonds, which change the way you build a party in the game. Each character has an innate bond, and by adding more characters to the party with that bond, you gain a variety of buffs . Here are the requirements for each top bond buff:

  • Two people in the party share a link
  • Five people in the party share a link
  • Five people in the party share a link and have three stars

The effects that each obligation confers are different, but they are consistent requirements.

Everything we know about Fallout Shelter Online


One of the biggest changes coming to Fallout Shelter Online is the improved combat system and the inclusion of PvP. Here's how it will work:

  • Just like the original, Fallout Shelter Online is an auto-battle, where the combat happens almost entirely for you.
  • The main difference with Fallout Shelter Online is that you have APs, which build during combat, allowing your characters to unleash special abilities
  • These special abilities can be manually activated in normal combat, so the timing is tactical and can do anything from healing your party to stunning a boss.
  • Special abilities activate automatically in PvP, meaning it's essentially a fully automatic battle mode, where what you bring into battle matters most
  • In PvP, your reward is based on your rank
  • There are five members in a battle

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The online aspect of the new game is also present in some of the new additions. Guilds are basically online groups that you can join. Here's some informations:

  • Guilds are groups that you can create yourself or join alongside other players
  • These groups give you bonuses for completing certain tasks
  • Tasks can range from defeating bosses to completing side quests
  • Guilds also offer a shop with special offers

Everything we know about Fallout Shelter Online


While playing Fallout Shelter Online, you might find yourself taking on quests in the desert, and these grant you plenty of rewards. Here's how they work:

  • Much like the levels you ran through in the first game, Fallout Shelter Online now has bigger dungeons with more difficulty
  • Nest dungeons in particular are challenging, and there are a variety of ways to approach their difficulty
  • There are also regular quests and a daily resource raid, all of which can get you character cards, gear, resources, and a variety of other loot.
  • The game also has a main story, following the previous Vault Overseer, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
  • During the quest you must use rad-x to survive the wasteland conditions
  • There are four difficulties – easy, medium, hard and mastered

is fallout shelter free online?

Although the game is free to play, it's safe to say that Fallout Shelter Online seems to be more heavily monetized than the previous game, with a veritable mass of currencies:

  • The central currency is Nuka Cola Quantum, which you can use to buy posters, pre-war money – used to buy more dwellers – and is also used to speed up in-game actions, like this. was the case with the first
  • Posters are what you need to unlock characters, and their cost increases with level, with SSR being the top
  • Rad-X feels like an unfortunate addition, and effectively means you can only spend a limited amount of time in the wasteland pursuing quests - it regenerates, but if that inclusion stays in the game we think it's questionable

That's all we know! Fallout Shelter Online is currently released in Asia regions, but not yet in the West, so some of these details may change after launch. Be sure to keep an eye on our news for when it's coming and on the Fallout Shelter Online Google Play and App Store pages.

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