Skyrim Daedra Hearts: Where to find Daedra Hearts

Skyrim Daedra Hearts: Where to find Daedra Hearts

Daedra Cores will eventually become an integral part of brewing potions in Skyrim, but getting your hands on enough Daedra Cores to brew all the potions you're likely to need is an intensive effort.

Our guide will provide you with the list of all possible locations where you can find Daedric Cores in Skyrim. Most of them can be farmed by defeating Daedra beings. Many can also be seen in the open world, and you can even craft some if you want.

Where to find Daedric Hearts in Skyrim

At the Daedric Shrine

Accept the quest "Pieces of the Past", given by Silus Vesuius in the city of Aurora, the capital of the Pale Fortress.

This quest will send you to Mehrunes Dagon Shrine, a Daedric shrine located between The Lord Stone and Skyborn Altar.

Every ten days, four Dremora appear inside and outside the shrine. When defeated, they will each drop a Daedric Heart.

At the Cairn of the Soul

Of all the planes in Oblivion, Soul Cairn is the best at hunting Daedric Hearts. Many beings inhabiting Soul Cairn can drop Daedric Hearts, and many can simply be found inside chests.

You can enter the Soul Cairn Plane by entering the Volkihar Dungeons portal in Castle Volkihar during the "Chasing Echoes" quest, given by Serana at the Dimhollow Crypt north of The Lord Stone.

At Azura's Sanctuary

Accept the "Black Star" quest given by Aranea Ienith at Azura's Shrine south of Winterhold.

You'll have to fight Malyn Varen, a Dunmer mage found inside Azura's Star, and three Dremora mages.

Upon completing the quest, you will be rewarded with three Daedric Hearts.

In the middle of darkness

Accept the quest "Forgotten Names", given by a strange glove in the Midden under the College of Winterhold.

At the end of the quest, you can fight Valehk Sain, a Dremora pirate trapped in the darkness of Midden, who will drop a Daedric Heart when defeated.

A l’Ivarstead

Accept the quest "The Straw that Broke", given by Narfi at the river in Ivarstead.

He will ask you to locate and investigate the body of his sister Reyda, which is in the river southeast of Ivarstead.

Reyda's remains can contain a Daedric Heart, and you can get one as a reward from Narfi.

Purchasable from Merchants

  • 2 Daedric Hearts are available from Winterhold College Merchant Enthir
  • 1~2 Daedra Hearts are available from Dark Brotherhood Merchant Babette
  • As a general rule, all Alchemy stores should have some in stock.

stolen or stolen

  • Sometimes Kodlak Whitemane and Farkas have a few Daedric Hearts at Jorrvaskr in the Wind District of Whiterun.
  • A heart appears once a month in the Hall of Vigilants, located south of Dawnstar.
  • One can be found inside Valerica's office in the Volkihar Dungeons of Castle Volkihar.
  • Sometimes worn by Thalmor Sorcerers, Hunters, Alchemists, Stendarr Vigilantes, Hagraven, and Ebon Warriors.
  • Apothecary Satchels can contain Daedric Hearts in Alchemy Labs.
  • A heart can be found inside Drelas' Cottage, located northwest of Dustman's Cairn.
  • Two hearts can be found in the Temple Nightcaller lab, located east of Dawnstar.
  • A heart can be taken from Balbus, a wandering Norse warrior.
  • One can be picked up from the Alchemy Table inside Sinderion's Field Lab in the far northeast of Blackreach.
  • Another can be picked up from Daynas Valen's corpse at Folgunthur's Tomb located southeast of Solitude.
  • The last can be obtained from Dremora Valkynaz in the Labyrinthian.

How to Craft Daedric Hearts

If you get tired of hunting Daedric Hearts out in the open, you can choose to craft them instead.

Daedric Cores can only be crafted at the Forge of Atronach, located in the Midden below the College of Winterhold.

The recipe for making a Daedric Heart is as follows:

  • 1x seal stone
  • 1x human heart
  • 1x Black Soul Gem

Sigil Stone can be obtained from Phinis Gestor in the College of Winterhold once you reach conjuration level 90. Speak to Phinis and you'll get a Sigil Stone as a reward for completing the "Conjuring Ritual Spell" quest. From there, the Sigil Stone can be used as many times as you want to craft Daedric Hearts, as it is not consumed in the process.

Several Human Hearts can be found throughout the open world of Skyrim, but the most common place you can still find them is Castle Volkihar.

Dark Soul Gems can be consistently found inside chests and caves, or dropped by Necromancers, Giants, Hagravens, Forsworn Briarhearts, and Draugrs.

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