Terraria Cheats and Console Commands

Terraria Cheats and Console Commands

Terraria, as with other games, has a few commands that players can play with, and here you'll find them all listed and explained.

All server commands in Terraria

Here are all the server commands players can use in Terraria to manage their servers – to use one, just type it into the console and hit enter.

  • lobby – determines if friends can join your server.
  • Steam – Activates steam assist.
  • noupnp – This will disable universal plug and play.
  • worldname – Sets the name of your world when it is auto-created.
  • secure – Adds cheat protection to your server.
  • banlist – Type this to set the location of the banlist text file
  • autocreate - Typing this will automatically create a world for you.
  • world – This will automatically load a world for you and launch it.
  • bites – This will set your server's message of the day.
  • pass – Displays your server password.
  • password – Sets your server password.
  • Play – Shows all players connected to your server.
  • maxplayers – Sets the maximum number of players allowed to join your server.
  • port – Prints the listening port for you.
  • clear – Clears the console for you.
  • exit – Exits the game and saves it for you.
  • exit -nosave – Shuts down your server without saving.
  • help – Displays a list of commands in your console.
  • kick (player) (reason) – Kicks a player from your server.
  • Ban (player) (reason) – Bans a player from your server.
  • Dawn – Set time to 4:30
  • noon – Sets time to 12:00 p.m.
  • dusk – Sets time to 19:30 p.m.
  • midnight – Sets the time to midnight
  • settle – typing this will decant all the water.

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