What is the release date of Starfield?

    What is the release date of Starfield?

    Starfield was one of the most anticipated games for E3 2021 and Xbox kicked off its games showcase with popular title Bethesda at the show. It was initially announced in 2018. The game runs on Creation Engine 2 and it is promised to deliver a stunning experience for gamers.

    The game will be released on November 11, 2022, exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and PC. Players can also use Xbox Game Pass to play it on day one.

    Starfield has been the new universe of Bethesda Game Studios for 25 years and they are well known for creating record breaking games. The next-gen title will allow players to create their characters, explore the stars, and answer the unanswered mysteries of humanity.

    According to the teaser, the game looks very well finished and it should be a great experience for gamers who love sci-fi games from its core. Plus, outer space creates a great interstellar-themed vibe and sets up a unique plot for a mystery.

    More updates on the game would follow soon.

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