When is Trevenant coming out in Pokémon UNITE?

    When is Trevenant coming out in Pokémon UNITE?

    Screenshot via The Pokémon Company

    Trevenant joins the ever-growing roster of Pokémon UNITE Defenders. The Grass/Ghost-type Pokemon will bring nasty melee ranged attacks to the battlefield, defending its teammates with a giant wooden hammer in tow, crushing any opposing Pokemon in its path.

    Slated to join the battle on January 20, the arrival of Trevenant will bring UNITE's roster of fighting Pokémon to 30 and will be the first Defending Pokémon added to the game since the release of Blastoise and Mamoswine in September.

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    The Pokémon Company posted a teaser clip on the Pokémon UNITE Twitter page, revealing how the Defending Pokémon easily smashes through all enemy Pokémon on the battlefield, smashing them with giant ghostly wooden hammers that sprout from its branches.

    Most recently, Pokémon UNITE launched Dragonite and Tsareena into battle, and the Google Play Best of 2021 Users' Choice Award-winning MOBA is sure to release more battle Pokémon early in the new year.

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