Pokémon Go Lugia: best counters and weaknesses

Pokémon Go Lugia: best counters and weaknesses

Giovanni has returned to cause trouble in Pokémon Go, and he's brought with him some of the most powerful Pokémon and perhaps the toughest non-PvP battle in the game. His featured Pokémon this time around is Lugia!

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  • Type: Psychic, Flying
  • Weak against: Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, Rock
  • Strong against: Fighting, Ground, Grass, Psychic
  • Remarks
    • Electric is the best Pokemon type to use against Lugia as it is also strong against Kingler, another Pokemon from Giovanni. Players should avoid Dark and Ice Pokemon, as they are vulnerable to other Pokemon in its range.
    • The best technique to use against Lugia/Giovanni is to charge your Electric Pokémon's charge attacks when Persian is out, then switch to other Pokémon and their charge attacks to burn Giovanni through his shields. When Lugia comes out, bring your Electric Pokémon back and hit it with two charged attacks for an easy finish.

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Because Mega Pokémon are rarely used, we chose not to include them in the list of best counters.

Pokémon fast attack Charged Attack
Zekrom charging beam Wild Charge
Thunder voltage switch Thunder clap
magnesone Spark Wild Charge
Electric Thunder clap Wild Charge
Raikou Thunder clap Wild Charge

That's all you need to know to beat Lugia!

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