Pokemon Unite Tier List (After Patch)

Pokemon Unite Tier List (After Patch)

Pokémon Unite features a diverse cast of Pokémon spread across five different playstyle roles. Each of these Pokémon also has unique moves and abilities to further stand out among their group. As a result, some Pokemon will outperform, and after the first major patch, there are several nerfs and buffs across the roster.

Pokemon Unite Tier List (After Patch)

Level S

  • wigglytuff
    • Wigglytuff is a support Pokémon that received huge buffs to its Defense, Sp. Def, and Hp. She also received significant buffs to her Double Slap, Sing, and Dazzling Gleam abilities.
  • Snorlax
    • Although Snorlax was untouched in the patch, it remains the best choice of defender thanks to the Pokémon's bulkiness and ability to control the battlefield.

A level

  • flame taunt
    • Talonflame has received significant buffs to all of its abilities, allowing it to deal more damage to opposing Pokémon and capitalize on its speed to knock down the opposing team or run away from combat.
  • Lucario
    • Lucario has always been a top choice and with bug fixes aimed at fixing his Power-Up Punch and Bone Fix abilities, he remains a solid pick.
  • Eldegoss
    • While Eldegoss' healing ability has been nerfed hard, the Pokemon is still a viable choice as it can still heal and generate shields around its allies while dealing high damage.
  • crust
    • Crustle was untouched in the patch and therefore builds on the merits it started with. Its defensive abilities and ability to control the battlefield make it an excellent choice.
  • gardevoir
    • Being the first DLC Pokémon meant Gardevoir had less time to explore. As a result, the Pokemon does well against players unfamiliar with its abilities and generally packs a punch.
  • Mr. Mime
    • Mr. Mime struggles to play as a combination of two roles. On the plus side, the Pokemon can roleplay with enough versatility to remain a solid choice.

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Level B

  • Alolan Ninetails
    • Alolan Ninetails didn't receive much in the patch, only a bugfix to his Snow Warning ability. While Alolan Ninetails can deal good damage and control the battlefield, there are better choices.
  • Charizard
    • Despite receiving some much needed buffs, Charizard still suffers in the early game as a Charmander. Over time, Charizard may do better, but it's mostly chosen because of the Pokemon's popularity.
  • Cramoran
    • Cramorant requires a bit of skill to use effectively and is therefore not seen that often. The patch sees his Whirlpool ability do reduced damage while Dive receives a damage buff.
  • Zeraora
    • Zeraora receives a buff for her Wild Charge move while receiving a nerf for her Unite Move. While still a great choice, the patch leaves Talonflame a better choice.
  • Slowbro
    • Slowbro was unaffected by the patch and retains its place as the Sole Defender. With a good amount of bulk and abilities to damage/interrupt the opposing team, Slowbro can be deadly in the right hands.
  • machamp
    • Machamp sees a buff to his Close Combat move and a nerf to his Cross Chop move. Other than that, he holds a similar position to Charizard of Suffering early on.
  • greninja
    • Like Cramorant, Greninja can take a while to figure out. The patch only fixes a bug for Greninja's basic attack, leaving the attacker viably hard to pin down.
  • gengar
    • In an attempt to persuade players to use Shadow Ball and Dream Eater more, the patch improved damage for both abilities. Unfortunately, in an attempt to nerf Hex, a new bug has been introduced which renders the move virtually useless.

Level C

  • Florizarre
    • Although Venasaur's kit receives a buff, the Grass/Poison Pokemon offers little reason to choose it. Lacking a lot of utility and versatility, unless Venusaur is your favorite Pokemon, another choice would be best.
  • Cinderella
    • Cinderella is another Pokemon hit hard by the patch. The nerf to his base attack damage takes away the fantastic killing power he once had. An additional nerf to Feint hinders his ability to stay alive, leaving him far too squishy to deal damage effectively.
  • Pikachu
    • Despite its speed and damage, Pikachu remains something of a glass cannon. Players who can effectively move in and out with the Pokemon will experience success, but other Pokemon may work better.
  • Garchomp
    • Garchomp suffers in the early game as its evolution requires the player to reach level six, unlike most Pokemon. As a result, you can easily fall behind. While Garchomp is quite powerful and fully evolved, there are other Pokemon that can do the same with greater ease.
  • Absolutely
    • Absol is a kind of double-edged sword. The Pokemon can excel in the right hands, but more often than not it will suffer because its playstyle can be difficult to master. Other speedsters simply overpower Absol with more frequency.

At the time of this tier list, Gengar is currently suffering from a bug that essentially renders his Hex move useless as he won't deal damage 50% of the time. As it is part of his main playstyle, it is advised to avoid playing as Gengar until the developers resolve this issue. In the meantime, the remaining list offers plenty of ways to play the game, whatever role you prefer.

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