All map changes in Valorant patch 4.0

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The latest Valorant Patch 4.0 brought many changes to the base game. Along with regular adjustments to various weapons and agents, Riot Games has also decided to tweak parts of the Bind and Breeze map. The new changes will affect both casual and competitive players, bringing a new wave of card tactics and strategy.


The first card to receive some minor tweaks is the fan-favorite Bind.

  • A short's double stack cover is removed, preventing controllers from producing one-way smoke. The new stack will have a single box allowing attackers to easily penetrate.

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  • A new bench is added at the end of Court A. The new element allows attackers to face backstabs from different angles.

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Breeze is one of the most hated maps in the community due to its different angles and openness. The developers tried to fix the opening issue in the latest patch.

  • The main entrance choke at A has been increased. The new change allows defenders to reach the top without guessing enemies on both sides of the entrance.

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  • A double-layered crate has been added to the entrance to A. The new crates allow attackers and defenders to take cover in the long hallway.
  • Extension of the A-bomb site and new hard metal cover at the rear of the site. Attackers can now plant the bomb a bit to the left side without jumping inside the hollow.

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  • Adjusted the length of the wall curve near the middle area of ​​the map.
  • Added a crate and a double-layered wall near the rear part of Bombardment Site B. The new change allows defenders more cover near the rear of the map.

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Remember that all map changes will be implemented with character and weapon changes today.

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