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You will face all types of danger in Eastward. John has a variety of weapons at his disposal to defend himself and Sam. Although you only start with the frying pan, you can collect new weapons as you progress. Each of these weapons also has an upgrade system.

There are four main weapons in Eastward. Although it's not technically considered a weapon, you have a bomb bag and can use those bombs as weapons. The bomb bag can also be upgraded. The four main weapons are the frying pan, the bang-bang gun, the flame staff and the rack gun.

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The frying pan is the only melee weapon and therefore requires no ammo, making it the most reliable weapon. The bang-bang gun is found in Greenberg and is close range like a shotgun. The Flame Staff can be found in New Dam City and is basically a water gun that has been turned into a flamethrower. Finally, the cog shooter is found in Monkollywood and does exactly what its name says: shoots cogs.

Each of these weapons can be upgraded twice, which requires gears. You can switch weapons on the fly and use them interchangeably. They can be combined with Sam's supernatural abilities for devastating combos. In addition, these weapons and bombs can affect the environment.

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