Does Torchlight Infinite support gamepads?

Torchlight Infinite is developed by XD Inc. and is the next installment in the Torchlight series. Although no release date other than 2022 has been announced, there will be a closed beta for Torchlight Infinite on January 18, 2022 for Android and iOS. This may leave some gamers wondering if there will be controller support.

The answer is no – Torchlight Iinfite doesn't have controller support, or at least not yet. Currently, there are only touchscreen controls, which makes sense since the beta is only available on mobile. However, Torchlight Infinite will be coming to other platforms later, so it's likely that controller support will be implemented at some point, but possibly not for mobile.

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Having more ways to play a game makes it more accessible to everyone. Whether it's touchscreen, controllers, or mouse and keyboard, every gamer has a preference for how they want to play, and it's no different for Torchlight Infinite.

Previous Torchlight games were released on console and offered controller support, so it would only be natural for Torchlight Infinite to have controller support. Maybe over time players will be able to use a controller for Torchlight Infinite.

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