On which platforms is GTFO connected?

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The Game Awards give gamers a place to celebrate the best games of the year and upcoming games. One game that received a surprise announcement at The Game Awards was GTFO, a cooperative horror shooter that appeared on the show in recent years. Players were shocked to learn that the game was streamed during the show. Now that this game is no longer in early access, users are wondering what platforms GTFO is on.

GTFO is available exclusively on PC. There are currently no plans to release the title on consoles, but a launch day sale is underway to commemorate the game's launch. Players can grab GTFO on Steam for 25% off from December 9, 2021 through December 16. . 2021.

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GTFO is available to download now on Steam. To buy GTFO, head over to the official GTFO Steam page, because it's now. Players will need to cooperate, use stealth, and strategize to survive the horrors of GTFO's underground prison, so be prepared to bring some intrepid friends.

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