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Riders Republic gives you plenty of ways to customize your character's style, including allowing you to change clothes. From ripped and ripped jeans to sportswear to silly suits, there's no reason you can't look good or goofy while you run or perform tricks. So how exactly do you change outfits or clothes in Riders Republic?

Customize tab and Riders Republic outfits

All you have to do if you're wondering how to change your clothes in Riders Republic is press the start button to open the menu. Next, take a look at the Customize tab. You'll see additional menus for your gear, outfits, emotes, and avatar.

In the Outfits menu, you'll notice selections for Bike Race, Bike Tricks, Snow Race, and more. Each tab here lists the outfits and clothes you have. Remember that different types of activities will have different types of clothing assigned. Just choose your favorite clothes to show your fashion sense.

How to get more clothes

Naturally, you'll acquire more outfits as you progress through Riders Republic. Improving your rank and winning certain events will give you opportunities to acquire new equipment and money.

Perhaps the most important rewards are the Republic Bucks (i.e. money). Republic Bucks are considered the regular in-game currency, and can be easily obtained if you keep playing. Conversely, there are also Republic Coins, the premium currency/microtransactions.

Both of these currencies are used in the in-game store, which you can view by opening the menu or visiting Riders Ridge. There are more clothes and outfits in Riders Republic that you can acquire here, and there's also a selection pool that changes daily.

Unfortunately, the cash costs are significantly higher. For example, the G-Raf suit costs $42, but only 000 pieces. Likewise, some legendary outfits like the Love Bites (dinosaur) and the Castle Keeper (dragon) can only be purchased by spending coins.

But that concludes our guide on how to change clothes and get more outfits in Riders Republic. Now you can ride in style. For more, check out our other Riders Republic guides.

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